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01National standards drafting unit
We are《Veneer type fireproof paint》National standards drafting unit,The development of lead paint,Strict quality control,Let your life more secure and property
02Industry standard drafting unit
We are《Timberwork building fire retardant coatings》Industry standard drafting unit,Leading and high quality,High standards,Multi-function,Easy to use,Hui people wood fire-retardant coating
03Halogen-free flame retardant environmental protection product invention patent
We invent halogen free,Efficient,Environmental protection,Inflating,Macromolecular flame retardants;In a top three,Reduce the amount added30%,Stable performance is greatly increased,Expansion foam up to60Times,Non-toxic pollution-free
043CFire transparent mouldproof the termite
Transparent,Fire protection,Insect-resistant,The termite,Keep original wood texture,The infinite close to nature,Close to nature,Let you experience the carefree nature and pure and fresh feeling

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Common problems

How much harm of fire retardant coating?
Answer: From fire-retardant coating composition,Contain halogen fire retardant coatings,Halogen free fire retardant coatings,Inorganic fire-retardant coating, etc,Containing halogen...
How to calculate fire retardant coating?
Answer: In the first place,Category of fire retardant coating is not clear,Now in the market alone with fire retardant coating on steel structure building,As with separate...
What is wood fire-retardant coating fireproof principle?
Answer: Wood structure fireproof principle of fire retardant coating,Can learn from5In terms of specifications:1、Its fire retardant coating has noncombustible or flame retardant;...
How many kilograms of a bucket of fire retardant coating?
Answer: How many kilograms of a bucket of fire retardant coating?According to the《Steel structure fireproofing coatings》GB14907-2002,《Veneer type fireproof paint》GB12441-2005That's right...
How much money a square meters fire retardant coating?
Answer: 2)Fire you will ask the customer again,You ask about the construction of quotation?Is the price of the coating?...
How much money a kilogram of fire retardant coating?
Answer: 1)How much money a kilogram of fire retardant coating?This problem is a fuzzy problem,It's common problem,Now there are a lot of buyers...
How much is a barrel of fire retardant coating?
Answer: The customer respect. Hello! Welcome to visit Adrian fire retardant coating technology manufacturers,Adrian technology focus fire retardant6Years,Provide fire retardant...
What is wood fire-retardant coating fire rating?
Answer: Wood is wood fire ratingB1Level,Refractory is greater than the time15Minutes of above;According to the existing national standardGB8624-2012Building materials...
What is the wood fire-retardant coating specification?
Answer: At present the latest national standard specification requirements only in finishing at the top of structure type fire-retardant coating specification fileGB12441-2005,By the public security...
What are the wood fire-retardant coating products?
Answer: Wood fire-retardant coating products are mainly divided into two categories:Transparent and opaque type。Transparent wood can keep well the original type...
What is the wood fire-retardant coating?
Answer: Wood fire-retardant coating,Wooden structure fire retardant paint again(Transparent)/Veneer type fireproof paint/Wood transparent flame retardants, etc;Is a kind of coating...
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