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Has passedISO9001International quality system certificationSet out、Work、Trade is a body enterprise specializing in the production of casting material

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Sand powder
Products are exported to the country26Provinces and cities
1Qufu casting,Strong

Qufu casting set out、Work、Trade is a body enterprise specializing in the production of casting material,Strong ability to develop;

The production of coatings obtained national patent,The patent number:ZL90 1 06312.6,Invention patent certificate number:23517。

2Sand powder green environmental protection、Quantity is small

Uniform sand powder particle size distribution、High purity、Easily,Its high specific surface,With high temperature resistance of inertia,Highly active,Activated alumina;

Sand powder has strong alkaline surface acidity and certain surface,Is widely used as catalyst and catalyst carrier and so on the new green chemical materials;

The product is harmless、Quantity is small、The operation is simple,At the same time, reduce the dust pollution,Reduce the labor force,Improve the production efficiency and smoothness of casting。

3Efficient sand powder used to save energy、High precision

With high strength and thermal stability,To withstand various external force and the effect of high temperature;

Hardening speed,To save energy,Take the first hardening、After stripping method,Can significantly improve the shape and dimension precision of casting。

4Casting binder good reusability、High production efficiency

Casting binder is particularly suited to different material、Different thickness、Ultra-thin specification and connection of complex components;

Sclerosis is fast,And easy to release,And have sufficient strength,To ensure dimensional accuracy of casting,Do not produce sand washing、Sand casting defects such as;

Casting binder to shorten the time of the core assembly to the casting,Casting the production efficiency is greatly raised enterprises。

5Core binder pollution-free,Low energy consumption

Core binder has higher tensile strength,Wet strength continuously adjustable、Low gas evolution and hygroscopicity and good resistance to high temperature scouring;

Well meet the production requirements of various complexities,To improve the quality of products,Reduce energy consumption and production cost,Is a new generation of pollution-free casting binder。

6Perfect after-sales service for you

The system of service process and professional customer service24Full service hours;

Support for client review and consultation on a regular basis、Guide the operation、Matters needing attention and so on various aspects of knowledge;

Professional logistics team,Let the goods arrive at your hands。

Company introduction
Qufu casting factory

Qufu casting factory was founded in1980Years,Taiwan high speed in the west、The beijing-shanghai high-speed railway,LAN expressway in the south,An hour's drive from qufu airport,The traffic is convenient and smooth。The company covers an area of40000㎡,The construction area10000㎡。The hardware and software facilities,Fixed assets of one hundred million yuan,Production capacity of three hundred million yuan,The annual output can reach30Ten thousand tons。Enterprise has passedISO9001International quality system certification,Pays attention to the sound of the management system and the improvement of the risk mechanism,Strict regulations,The work there,Formed a set of management system with standard operation requirement,And have a good business environment and high quality professional team。The incumbent shandong foundry association governing units,Who was involved in molding materials industry standard drafting。The factory is、Work、Trade is a body specialized casting materials enterprises,Strong ability to develop,Every year there are new products on the market,And by the new and old customers favor and recognition。The production“Guangzhou China”Brand series productsSand powderFoundry binder、TypeCore binder、Binder、Coatings、Additives、Slag agent such as the eight series100Multiple varieties,Foundry alpha starch、Coatings、Inoculant、Recarburizer、In addition to scrap agents and other products are sold all over the country26Provinces and cities,Paint won the national patent(The patent number:ZL90106312.6,Invention patent certificate number23517)、“A preparation method of adhering sand”Won the national invention patent。(The patent number:ZL200810138444.6,The certificate number:The first578369Number),2012In green sand casting carbon-free binder for shandong machinery industry association、Shandong machinery industry in shandong province association for science and technology first prize and fibronectin expression of science and technology。The enterprise to build the domestic casting materials production base,Product production capacity has reached two hundred thousand tons,Efforts to meet the demand for more casting fraternity!Things change,After decades of years accumulation,Qufu casting factory formed in“Diligence and progress、Solidarity and collaboration、Pragmatic innovation、Sincere dedication”For the enterprise spirit。

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