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Production of various kindsLEDStreet lamp、Solar street lamps、High lamp、 Road lights、Combination lamp、Garden light、Landscape lamps and other lighting products。
Yangzhou polycrystalline lighting co., LTD. Is a long-term commitment to the field of outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns,With leading technology,Excellent quality constantly,The pursuit of perfect Management and first-class service,With the international fashion development direction,The service into the road lighting lamps and lanterns of integrated enterprise。The main products of the enterprise:Road lights production capacity To achieve2All set.The production and operation of variousLEDStreet lamp、Solar street lamps、High lamp、Road lights、Combination lamp、Garden light、Landscape lamps and other lighting products。Can be widely used in the outdoor road、The square、The station、The dock、The courtyard and other places。....【More and more+】
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“A street lamp industry benchmarking”
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“Create value for customers and audience ”
The present situation of our urban road lighting
The present situation of our urban road lighting:Since2lOver the centuries,China's economic construction has entered a rapid development period。The construction of urbanization by leaps and bounds,The new city road...
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LEDAsUFO!Blind or too much like?
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Yangzhou polycrystalline lighting co., LTD The site of factory:Yangzhou city in jiangsu province in gaoyou unger bridge town industrial park                         
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The main products:ledStreet lamp,Solar street lamps,Landscape lamp,Garden light,Lighting products
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