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      Anhui new matt new materials technology co., LTD is a professional engaged in modified engineering plastics,High concentrations of many kinds of masterbatch production and dyeing granulation、Research and development and technical services as one of the state-level high-tech enterprises,To provide comprehensive plastics modification and dyeing of the solution。Company not only has imported computer color matching system、Complete quality testing equipment、Advanced twin-screw production equipment and automatic feeding system。But also has the abundant technical force、Professional marketing team and after-sales service team。 All products are in strict accordance with the international company、Countries and relevant industry standards for production,The company has passedISO9001AndTS16949Quality system certification and the relevant product certification,Products are widely applied to chery automobile、Midea、Jianghuai auto、Liuzhou automobile、Beijing auto、Changhe、Shanghai gm wuling、Hitachi、Haier、Royalstar and other companies。 Company production base is located in the state-level wuhu economic development zone,Covers an area of23355Square meters,Plant base180000Square meters,Annual output can reach50000Tons。


The main products of the masterbatch
Pigment、Functional masterbatch;Common black、White masterbatch series、Ordinary dedicated masterbatch series;Metal bead light color masterbatch、Marble、Flower color masterbatch、Food grade masterbatch;Pit aging concentrated masterbatch;Antistatic masterbatch;Antibacterial masterbatch;Flame retardant masterbatch;Environmental protection、General flame retardant masterbatch series;Environmental protection、General filler masterbatch series。The new matt company professional services in each of our customers,At the same time of manifest its value,Make our customer benefit maximization。


Product display


Strong technical force,Industry leader
The company was founded in1993Years,Our product research and development ability is strong,Has been a professional technology development team,Have to buy all kinds of advanced test and inspection equipment,The equipment is advanced,Complete product technology center and product quality measure,For a long time always closely track the survival of advanced technology and process today。


Industry news



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How to understand the modified plastics toughening must first expanded?

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Modified plastics production process

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The manufacture of plastics and synthetic method

Plastic industry includes three production system:Plastic raw materials(Resin or semi-finished products and additives)In the production,The production of plastic products,Plastic molding machinery(Including mold)The manufacturing....


Is willing to work with many enterprises implement deep strategic cooperation partners,Forge ahead hand in hand
Our mission:The new matt company professional services in each of our customers,At the same time of manifest its value,Make our customer benefit maximization。Our goal:New matt company wants to grow together with our customers,Become a considerable strength of the domestic refers to the respect of the new material products and service providers。Our products:New matt company's products mainly include two types: modified engineering plastics and masterbatch,A total of dozens of series of products and related services。